The preliminary step of the design process, we work to discover the project barriers and potentials. Through research and documentation of existing site (or building) conditions we analyze the project scope, site constraints, local jurisdictional requirements, and recognize potential challenges. We collaborate with the client to define the project parameters and the impacts to the selected site in order to optimize the project potential. Working directly within our studio, we develop preliminary documentation for the client’s considerations and understanding prior to conceiving an initial design concept, program, or scope.


The most important part of the design process is having an understanding of the client’s needs and the expected end-user or occupants needs. The most creative step in the design process, we generate imagery to drive conversations with the client to help them visualize the potential and aesthetics of the project. With the use of site plans, floor plans, elevations, and impactful renderings our team strives to create design that exceeds the client’s vision and provides a high quality environment for the end-user or occupants.


With a successful design concept, our team takes the design to the next level with in depth refinement and continued resolution to site, building, and jurisdictional challenges. The enhancement of the design through organizational strategies enables the program and scope of the project to be finalized and proceed with final documentation. Our team would also collaborate with our consultants to finalize the building systems strategies and potential sustainable building strategies.


Our team works diligently to compose the final documentation of the building prior to construction. The refinement of the enhanced design is completed with detailed and specified drawings and associated specifications to effectively provide instructions to the contractor for the construction of the building. The final iteration of the drawings reinforce the initial project program, scope, and priorities to provide a quality environment for our client’s, end-users, and occupants.


Completion of the construction documentation and design allows thoughtful evaluation of the project as it applies to the client’s budget, the permitting process, and contractor bidding to ensure all steps have been taken to enhance the client’s vision and produce a quality environment. A collaborative effort between technical staff, contractors, and the client help to enhance the design with value added opportunities that enhance the project without reducing the design. Final construction documentation is refined and issued for the start of construction.


As the client’s vision begins to materialize in construction, our team partners with the contractor to communicate efficiently and effectively to maintain the project schedule and ensure the success of the project. Attentive and concise responsiveness to the field conditions is critical and we take pride in our ability to service the client and contractor in that manner. Minor changes can occur during this time and our team is always ready to provide insightful solutions to avoid any delays.


Our mission, to serve the needs of our clients and occupants of our designs, and society as a whole by creating quality environments through effective design and planning, is realized when the building construction if complete, the building is occupied, and the client’s vision is a reality. Our team works with the contractor, local jurisdiction, and the client to finalize the project and revere how an effective collaborative effort can impact our community, occupants, and client with a meaningful and lasting impression.