Kyle Schneider Receives Title of Licensed Architect

It is with great excitement that we announce Kyle Schneider has officially passed his final Architect Registration Exam (ARE) and has achieved the title of Registered Architect. While the process at times was strenuous, he remained committed to the profession and we applaud his unwavering dedication. Kyle is a graduate of The Ohio State University receiving both his Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the Austin E. Knowlton School.

“Becoming a registered architect has been an incredibly rewarding 15 year process. Although obtaining licensure was a tremendous relief, I feel that it was really the process that has had the most impact on me as a practitioner. Furthermore, the range of experiences with coworkers and opportunities to work on a variety  of project types at Berardi+ over the past three years has been has been a major factor in my preparation to develop as an architect. I look forward to continuing to improve individually as well as produce, as a team member, the high quality product that Berardi+ has become known to deliver.”

Join Berardi+ in congratulating Kyle on this momentous accomplishment!