George Berardi

Design Strategist, Managing Partner

As Managing Partner and Design Strategist, George listens to clients’ expressions of need for their new environments, and through those interpretations creates a vision. He brings to each project a clear understanding of function and aesthetic appropriateness as it relates to creating a thoughtful, responsible solution that meets the clients’ program, and becomes an integral form within the fabric of our communities.

George’s continuous client involvements and attention to project details throughout the life of each project assures that client-directed programmatic requirements, as well as design intent, are maintained throughout the design and development process. His experience is quite varied and includes housing, educational, medical, research, and mixed use office and retail development. But, his most significant body of work however is that demonstrated by the completion of more than 80,000 specialized housing units throughout the United States. A portion of this housing was completed in concert with specialized State and Federal funding sources and housing programs available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as those projects completed under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Programs.  Approximately 37,000 units have been completed with federal funding sources and approximately 28,000 units have been completed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits for families, individuals with specialized needs and elderly environments.

Finally, as Design Strategist for the Firm, George has been responsible for creating architecture that is functional, contextual, dignified and inspirational. He has designed a wide variety of building types, all based solidly on a foundation of quality and integration of specific Owner needs. His work has received widespread professional and public acclaim, and fulfills the promise of illustrating quality architecture for the public.

George Berardi has a quite simple philosophy about his life in architecture…he truly looks forward to ‘his next ‘50’ years’ in a most rewarding profession, with great anticipation for changes in building technology, as they may expand the breadth of the creative process.

  • 1974 Bachelors of Science, Architecture, The Ohio State University
  • Registered Architect — Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Iowa, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Nebraska, Florida, New Jersey, Louisiana, Indiana
Professional Affiliations
  • AIA