Project Overview

The Leader Building Historic Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse will provide 225 ‘high end’ market rate apartments for the 3rd through 16 stories, with commercial spaces at the 2nd story, and retail at the first story facing East Sixth Street and Superior in Cleveland Ohio. The building was selected for repositioning based upon the increasing demand for housing in Downtown Cleveland. Of importance to the success of the project will be the Federal and State Historic Tax Credit Programs. Considering compliance to National Park Service Standards for rehabilitation, The Leader Building will include the redevelopment of all public spaces within the building, as well as the entire building envelope. Of added interest is that the building was designed by Charles Platt, the same Architect for The Hanna Building. The Leader was originally constructed as a rigid frame concrete and served as headquarters for several leading Cleveland newspapers, including The Leader.


Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Client: The K&D Group

Project Type: Historic Rehabilitation
Size: 225 Dwelling Units
Square Feet: 393,900 SF
Completion: 2016