Project Overview

The Jackson is the punctuation mark for the north end of Victorian Village on the west side of North High Street in Columbus, establishing a new landmark boundary. It was the first building taller than 4 stories to be built in Victorian Village along High Street. This 8 story housing development has set a new standard for housing in the Short North, and provides a presence as strong as the Gateway on North High Street to The Ohio State University. The building has been reviewed and approved by the Victorian Village Commission and designed as a mixed use, with street level commercial, and all upper stories are defined as permanent residential. It Includes two levels of parking below grade the building encompasses 155,000 square feet of area.

Sound controls given adjacent neighborhood considerations, and energy controls became paramount components for design. Glazing systems, alternate facade treatment for building orientation, shade control, and components for LEED design standards will provide a unique opportunity for residents, offering the most efficient personal environments, while at the same time reducing costs of maintenance and operations for all building common elements for the condominium association.


Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: JBH Holdings

Project Type: New Construction
Size: 54 Dwelling Units
Square Feet: 155,000 SF
Completion: 2014