Our hallmark at Berardi + Partners is a pragmatic approach to providing building solutions for our clients, recognizing the dynamic relationship between program and value. Our projects are always delivered as a synthesis of vision, client requirements, site and community, budget, and functional responses for our occupants.  We have produced successful models of this synthesis extending for more than 40 years of continued growth and development.  We lend these talents to new construction, repositioning of existing buildings, and to adaptive re-use and Historic Rehabilitation.  Our creativity, designs, and quality services simply provide efficient and responsive solutions which consistently satisfy or exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Construction Administration

Berardi + Partners offers an internal group for monitoring construction activities of our projects. And as a result of our effectiveness, this team is often engaged through third party contracts to complete construction observation of projects unrelated to our firm.  Our process is traditional, monitoring the flow of documentation during the construction period, while also providing critical quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition our Construction Observation teams assist in the management of final product and finish selections.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design team has successfully provided perceptive solutions for our occupant populations complementing our building design, while creating timeless environments.  Elements of Interior Design may vary from time to time, but our goal for each interior environment is to enrich and enhance the quality of life for the occupant.  We are fortunate that through continued advances of our technologies we are permitted to express our design thoughts as visual tools enabling our clients to make complete decisions of color, texture, and form for the best decisions which will impact the living environment.


Building Systems Engineering Group has been part of our vertically integrated services since 1994, which assists in maintaining quality though coordination of the major components of our building designs. The entire realm of Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing engineering is always critical to function and quality to maintain the interior environment, but also has clear impacts to best planning practices.   Our engineering team is at the leading edge of planning and systems design for the entire spectrum of multiple project types.  Our engineering team also provides: existing systems evaluation, energy modeling and environmental design, utility life cycle cost analysis, product performance evaluations, and systems analysis.

Evaluation Assistance

A large segment of our practice is founded upon the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. During the last 40 years we have evaluated and adapted monasteries, churches, schools, and a variety of commercial structures for adaptive uses.  As examples the original ‘Lowenstein Saddlery in Charleston, West Virginia was adapted to senior living, while the Jeffrey Mining Complex (a former mining operations building and the adjacent office building) in Columbus, Ohio was adapted to luxury apartments. And at the same time a former downtown Cleveland Department Store was converted to Luxury Apartments as the largest downtown Historic Certified property in the City.   The basic premise for redevelopment as with all projects begins with Site Evaluations and Building Planning Feasibility; considering condition and remaining useful life of existing building components, systems, finishes and fixtures. Once feasibility is determined, the existing design is evaluated relative to current needs, market demands and the owner’s requirements.  Beginning with site and building evaluation to design and feasibility planning, our designers employ standards of care through a thoughtful process to best use spaces achieving all programmed goals.